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As a valued guest we thought you deserved something extra, so we created our Hometown Rewards program. As a member, you earn 3% back on all food and beverage purchases at any of our locations. You may also sign up for a birthday reward to use in your birthday month! Each time you dine with us give us your name, phone number, or email to earn or redeem your points.



You can sign up at any of our restaurants: Austin’s American Grill (both locations), Moot House, Big Al’s Burgers and Dogs, and Comet Chicken. You may also sign up online through any of the restaurant websites!


Rewards FAQ

What are the benefits of the Hometown Rewards program?

  • 3% in points on your food and beverage purchases (gift card purchases excluded)
  • 10 points automatically added the month of your birthday
  • VIP giveaways and contests
  • VIP specific promotions and deals
  • E-newsletter


At which restaurants can I earn or use my reward points?

You can earn and use your points at any of our Hot Corner Concepts restaurants: Austin’s American Grill (both locations), Moot House, Big Al’s Burgers and Dogs, and Comet Chicken. You may also earn and redeem points when you order online through our company websites. Gift card purchases excluded.


Where can I sign up for the Hometown Rewards program?

You can sign up online or in person at any of our restaurants. You can also call our main office at 970-266-2612.


How do I look up my account?

At the restaurants we can look up your VIP account by name, phone number, or email. You may also check your point balance, recent activity, and activate birthday rewards online.


What should I do if I still have a membership card from the previous program?

Thanks for being a longtime VIP member! We no longer issue physical VIP membership cards, so just let your server know your name or phone number when you get your bill, and we can look up your account. You may dispose of your membership cards. VIP cards and account numbers are no longer linked to member accounts. Instead, we use unique identifiers like your phone number or email address.


My server forgot to ask if I was a VIP. Can I still earn points for my meal?

Sure. Contact the restaurant where you dined. They can look up the amount of your bill and we can add your points. You may also email a copy of your receipt to


I have moved or changed my phone number or email address. How can I update my contact info?

Just write your new contact info on the bottom of your receipt and leave it with your server or send an email to


I have more questions. Whom should I ask?

Talk to Natalie, our VIP Program Coordinator. You can reach her at 970.266.2612 or send her an email at